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All Guilds Meeting - December 2015

Portrait de Doobes

Picture courtesy of Tom(Samoth)Picture courtesy of Tom(Samoth)

It was quite the eventful All Guilds Meeting this month, the last of 2015, bringing big news and big changes.  The raw and cleansed chatlogs are here for your consumption, along with a helpful summary!

Guild of Writers

Hoikas came up first to talk about the latest update to Gehn Shard.  He mentioned that the shard's Great Zero is in need of calibration and he called upon explorers to come and help get it running again by running through the calibration missions.  Doing so will get KI coordinates into the KI and allow for marker game creation, and enough people doing it will get the Great Zero itself fully functional!

Up next was rarified to update everyone on the progress of Minkata shard and updates to MOULa.  He has been in talks with Chogon in how to get fixes into Cyan's shard quicker and in a more automated fashion.  This would take less strain off of the people working to include the fixes AND off the CAVCON funds.

Over Thanksgiving, rarified was able to complete this process and has sent the particulars to Cyan for approval.  He mentioned that there will be need for testing things on Minkata shard in the near future and to keep a lookout for such updates.

All Guilds Meeting

Doobes was last to close out the meeting, announcing that he was retiring from his moderation duties for the AGM.  He then turned the job over to Korov'ev for the next meeting on January 2nd and beyond.  Doobes made clear that this did not mean he is leaving the cavern for good and that he would still be around, possibly even to guest host for Korov'ev from time to time should the need arise.


The CAVCON meter has not been updated since October, so there is no data to use at this time.  Still, be sure to donate to keep things running when you can.  2016 looks to be an interesting year for MOULa!

Be sure to join Korov'ev, your brand new All Guilds Meeting moderator, on Saturday, January 2nd at 13:00 KI Time in Kirel!

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